Public Transportation Prices Across Canada

How we can improve our comm‍‍‍unity

City Council Candidate
Ward 18

Mike McHarg‍‍‍


Freeze the current rate hike to ensure that public transportation is affordable and acces‍‍‍sible to all

Foster environmental sustainability through a ban on single use plastics, and improvements in the recycling/compost programs‍‍‍

Fight the obesity epidemic by implementing a sugar tax to reduce consumption, and improve the health‍‍‍ of our communities

How would you improve your community?

Raise awareness to fight the discriminatory practice of banning gay‍‍‍ and bisexual men from donating blood

Public Transportation

Public transportation has the power to transform communities, and bring many benefits to individuals, families, and businesses alike. Not only does it give citizens increased mobility, but it also reduces air pollution and traffic congestion too! However, these benefits are not realized if the cost of public transportation makes it inaccessible to the public.

Citizens of Ottawa are already paying some of the highest public transportation fees across the country. With city councils vote to increase fares by 2.5% annually, in just 5 years we would reach $4 for a single ‍‍‍ride.

I propose a freeze on the current rate, in order to ensure that public transportation remains accessible to all.

City Council Candidate
Ward 18

Mike Mc‍‍‍Harg

My Campaign







Prevalence of Obesity Among Children and Adol‍‍‍escents

Childhood Obesity


Obesity has become a nationwide epidemic that is affecting us all, and the numbers continue to grow daily. Obesity costs the nation between $4.6-billion and $7.1-billion a year through increased healthcare costs and loss of productivity - but that doesn't compare to how many preventable deaths occur every day...

One way or another, we are all suffering from obesity.

Sugar consumption has a direct correlation with obesity prevalence, which is why I believe we need to do more to limit our consumption. A beverage tax has been shown to be an effective method to reduce obesity, with support from the World Health Organization, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, the American Heart Association.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has suggested a tax of 5 cents per 100ml of sugar sweetened beverages, this would:

  • Reduce strain on the healthcare system
  • Help families make healthier choice‍‍‍s
  • Generate $1.8-billion nationwide
  • Improve the health of our nation

While this won't solve everything, it's a great place to start.

The Environ‍‍‍ment


Top 8 Pollutants Found in The Ocean
(by ‍‍‍Ocean Conservancy)

Single use plastics such as straws, takeout containers and plastic bags are filling our oceans and destroying our wildlife. An environmental think-tank found that Canadians produce some of the highest amounts of trash per capita in the world. To help reduce our impact, I propose we ban single use plastics.

The UK, as well as many other countries, have pledged to ban single use plastics in favour of protecting our environment.

"Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world, which is why protecting the marine environment is central to our agenda" - Theresa May